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Bible Genius is a one-stop solution that provides a structured lesson schedule to provide guidance and direction. It is a one of a kind learning solution that takes into consideration the needs of the children today. We believe in incremental learning, hence our lessons follow a similar pattern. We focus on better retention through hands-on daily activities. Hence Bible Genius would be an ideal fit for students, teachers, families, and institutions.

Bible Genius is a unique, comprehensive, one-of- a-kind digital learning resource for Christian faith-based learning aimed at children ages 3-10. It provides students, their families, and teachers with highly engaging and effective learning tools about the Christian faith. Available on computers, tablets, and smartphones, Bible Genius provides:

Catholic Brain - Daily Activities

Daily Activities

Catholic Brain - Games


Catholic Brain - Videos & Songs

Videos & Songs

Catholic Brain - Quizzes


Catholic Brain - Books & Stories

Books & Stories

Catholic Brain - Bible & Catechism


Catholic Brain - Catholic Encyclopedia

Christian Encyclopedia

Catholic Brain - Saints Directory


Catholic Brain - Printables


Catholic Brain - Teachers & Catechist Portal

Teachers Portal

Much more to come!


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