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Judith 7

    The Campaign against Bethulia

  1. "The next day Holofer'nes ordered his whole army, and all the allies who had joined him, to break camp and move against Bethu'lia, and to seize the passes up into the hill country and make war on the Israelites. "
  2. "So all their warriors moved their camp that day; their force of men of war was one hundred and seventy thousand infantry and twelve thousand cavalry, together with the baggage and the foot soldiers handling it, a very great multitude. "
  3. "They encamped in the valley near Bethu'lia, beside the spring, and they spread out in breadth over Dothan as far as Balba'im and in length from Bethu'lia to Cy'amon, which faces Esdrae'lon."
  4. The Distress of the Israelites