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Judith 8

    The Character of Judith

  1. "At that time Judith heard about these things: she was the daughter of Merar'i the son of Ox, son of Joseph, son of O'ziel, son of Elki'ah, son of Anani'as, son of Gid'eon, son of Raph'a-im, son of Ahi'tub, son of Eli'jah, son of Hilki'ah, son of El'iab, son of Nathan'ael, son of Salam'iel, son of Sarasad'ai, son of Israel. "
  2. "Her husband Manas'seh, who belonged to her tribe and family, had died during the barley harvest. "
  3. "For as he stood overseeing the men who were binding sheaves in the field, he was overcome by the burning heat, and took to his bed and died in Bethu'lia his city. So they buried him with his fathers in the field between Dothan and Bala'mon. "
  4. Judith and the Elders