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Isaiah 66

    The Worship God Demands

  1. "Thus says the Lord: ""Heaven is my throneand the earth is my footstool;what is the house which you would build for me,and what is the place of my rest?"
  2. "All these things my hand has made,and so all these things are mine, asays the Lord.But this is the man to whom I will look,he that is humble and contrite in spirit,and trembles at my word."
  3. """He who slaughters an ox is like him who kills a man;he who sacrifices a lamb, like him who breaks a dog's neck;he who presents a cereal offering, like him who offers swine's blood;he who makes a memorial offering of frankincense, like him who blesses an idol.These have chosen their own ways,and their soul delights in their abominations;"
  4. The Lord Vindicates Zion

    The Reign and Indignation of God