1 Maccabees

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1 Maccabees 9

    Bacchides Returns to Judea

  1. "When Deme'trius heard that Nica'nor and his army had fallen in battle, he sent Bac'chides and Al'cimus into the land of Judah a second time, and with them the right wing of the army. "
  2. "They went by the road which leads to Gilgal and encamped against Mes'aloth in Arbe'la, and they took it and killed many people. "
  3. In the first month of the one hundred and fifty-second year a they encamped against Jerusalem;
  4. The Last Battle of Judas

    Jonathan Succeeds Judas

    The Campaigns of Jonathan

    Bacchides Builds Fortifications

    The End of the War