2 Maccabees

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2 Maccabees 12

    Incidents at Joppa and Jamnia

  1. "When this agreement had been reached, Lys'ias returned to the king, and the Jews went about their farming."
  2. "But some of the governors in various places, Timothy and Apollo'nius the son of Gennae'us, as well as Hiero'nymus and De'mophon, and in addition to these Nica'nor the governor of Cyprus, would not let them live quietly and in peace. "
  3. "And some men of Joppa did so ungodly a deed as this: they invited the Jews who lived among them to embark, with their wives and children, on boats which they had provided, as though there were no ill will to the Jews; a "
  4. The Campaign in Gilead

    Judas Defeats Timothy's Army

    Judas Wins Other Victories

    Judas Defeats Gorgias

    Prayers for Those Killed in Battle