2 Maccabees

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2 Maccabees 13

    Menelaus Is Put to Death

  1. "In the one hundred and forty-ninth year a word came to Judas and his men that Anti'ochus Eu'pator was coming with a great army against Judea, "
  2. "and with him Lys'ias, his guardian, who had charge of the government. Each of them had a Greek force of one hundred and ten thousand infantry, five thousand three hundred cavalry, twenty-two elephants, and three hundred chariots armed with scythes."
  3. "Menela'us also joined them and with utter hypocrisy urged Anti'ochus on, not for the sake of his country's welfare, but because he thought that he would be established in office. "
  4. A Battle Near the City of Modein

    Antiochus Makes a Treaty with the Jews