2 Maccabees

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2 Maccabees 14

    Al'cimus Speaks against Judas

  1. "Three years later, word came to Judas and his men that Deme'trius, the son of Seleu'cus, had sailed into the harbor of Trip'olis with a strong army and a fleet, "
  2. "and had taken possession of the country, having made away with Anti'ochus and his guardian Lys'ias."
  3. "Now a certain Al'cimus, who had formerly been high priest but had wilfully defiled himself in the times of separation, realized that there was no way for him to be safe or to have access again to the holy altar, "
  4. Nicanor Makes Friends with Judas

    Nicanor Turns against Judas

    Razis Dies for His Country