2 Maccabees

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2 Maccabees 4

    Simon Accuses Onias

  1. "The previously mentioned Simon, who had informed about the money against a his own country, slandered Oni'as, saying that it was he who had incited Heliodor'us and had been the real cause of the misfortune. "
  2. "He dared to designate as a plotter against the government the man who was the benefactor of the city, the protector of his fellow countrymen, and a zealot for the laws. "
  3. "When his hatred progressed to such a degree that even murders were committed by one of Simon's approved agents, "
  4. Jason's Reforms

    Jason Introduces Greek Customs

    Menelaus Becomes High Priest

    The Murder of Onias

    Unpopularity of Lysimachus and Menelaus